LIZZO: Living Large and Loving It

Written by on March 9, 2021

Lizzo took body positivity to a whole new level when a hater called her “obese”… And got cut down to size in a big way.

The singer clapped back hard, telling the troll, “I wake up in my obese bed. I have to get like a king bed because I’m so obese. “I put on my obese Louis Vuitton slippers, and I walk into my massive, obese bathroom and I just stare into my wall-to-wall, obese mirror and lather myself in the most obese, expensive oils and creams, and oh, God, by the time I’ve made it into my kitchen, I’ve already made another obese million dollars… My bank account is so obese, and, like, I tried to put it on a diet but she’s just so stubborn, like, she won’t listen.”

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