Lizzo Admits She Is Having ‘Negative Thoughts’ About Herself

Written by on December 10, 2020

Superstar Lizzo has always been proudly outspoken when it comes to body image and body positivity. But she’s now sharing a very vulnerable moment with fans and opening about the “negative thoughts” she’s recently been having about herself. The 32-year-old becomes emotional and admits that she is “hating” her body and even asking herself heartbreaking questions such as: “What’s wrong with me?” Lizzo added that negative thoughts are “normal” and can even happen to the “best of us” but she’s determined to “get through it.” Fans have not only been sending the star sweet and encouraging messages, but many have been praising Lizzo for speaking out on such a personal and very sensitive topic. One fan said, “We Love you even more Lizzo.” Another added, “The fact that someone as incredibly talented and accomplished has these thoughts too, means a lot. Thank you for sharing ?.”

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