LIAM PAYNE: “Zayn, That Guy’s a D”

Written by on June 1, 2022

Liam Payne is making more headlines. First he hooked up with an American model before formally leaving his fiancée. Now he’s slagging former One Direction member, Zayn Malik.

Liam spent an hour talking with Logan Paul on his ImPAULsive podcast. Liam sounded both sympathetic to Zayn’s situation while also condemning his actions.

Liam said, (quote) “There are many reasons why I dislike Zayn. You can always look at the man and say, ‘Oh yeah, that guy’s a d**k.’”

Liam compared and contrasted his upbringing with Zayn’s. He blames Zayn’s unpredictable behavior, violent outbursts and drug abuse on a difficult household growing up. For those reasons, Liam pledged to be “always on Zayn’s side.” He added, (quote) “My only hope is that the person at the other end of the phone wants to receive the help that you’re willing to give them.” (Entertainment Tonight)

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