KIM KARDASHIAN: Living Apart From Kanye West

Written by on July 22, 2020

UPDATE: Midnight Pacific, Kanye West tweeted and deleted attacks on Kim Kardashian for allegedly cheating with Meek Mill. He claimed to seek a divorce since their “prison reform” rendezvous at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel last year. Kanye then invoked the North Korean dictator by dubbing his mother-in-law “Kris Jong-un.” He chose an incredibly ugly way to end the marriage.

Some close friends worry that Kanye West’s public betrayal may have destroyed his marriage beyond repair. He shared intimate details during a campaign rally of Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy without her permission.

An insider claimed, (quote) “They’ve barely had a functioning marriage for the last year. Kim has been finding living with him too difficult.” (The Sun, UK)

In a paranoid tweet, he accused Kim and Kris Jenner of trying to institutionalize him without consent. Behind the scenes, Kim has attempted to help Kanye. She’s recognized for weeks the signs of his deteriorating mental health.  A source confirmed, (quote) “She tried but it’s gone nowhere. He has ignored her. If he wanted help, he’d come back to Los Angeles.”

For the time being, Kim and Kanye are living “totally separate lives.” She’s with the four children in Los Angeles with hopes that “he will come down from this episode and seek help.” (People)

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