KENDALL JENNER: Intolerable Long-Distance Love

Written by on May 24, 2019

Kendall Jenner’s friends have begun to leak the reasons she dumped her NBA boyfriend, Ben Simmons.

The split occurred about a month ago. Kendall pulled the plug. One source claimed, (quote) “Kendall thought it would be best if they took some space. It’s been hard for them with the time differences and both of their schedules.”

The couple also struggled with living on opposite coasts. Ben Simmons plays for the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team.

Another insider said Ben has a super-busy career and couldn’t find time for Kendall. True, but only during the NBA season, which ended two weeks ago for Ben.

Last summer, those two grew very close because of Ben’s relaxed off-season schedule allowed time to get intimate with Kendall. (E! News)

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