KANYE WEST: Vacationing Ahead of Treatment

Written by on April 12, 2022

Kanye West flew girlfriend Chaney Jones to Utah for a luxury vacation. This trip coincides with reports that Kanye intends to seek treatment at a “luxury clinic.”

Kanye vacationing with Chaney, right now, is similar to handing a bottle of Jack Daniels to the alcoholic you’re driving to rehab. One last hurrah before recovery begins.

Chaney shared a video as they rode donkeys along the rim of the Grand Canyon. Earlier she posted video as they drove curvy roads in the desert. She captioned her posts, “baecation.”

Kanye will reportedly check into a behavioral treatment center. An insider told the New York Post (quote) “West’s team has been looking at treatment facilities. He wants to be a better human and a better dad.”

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