KANYE WEST: Poster Child For Toxic Masculinity

Written by on February 15, 2022

Kanye West continues to push Kim Kardashian further away with his toxic masculinity. Also, his “girlfriend” of six-weeks dumped Kanye.

Julia Fox shed no tears in leaving him. She explained (quote) “I’ve never operated at the level that Ye is. Everything is much more amplified. It feels like you’re just going with the flow, but the flow is very hectic. It’s a lot of last-minute decisions with Kanye.” (New York magazine)

Meanwhile, Kim ignores it when Kanye acts out. She tries to deescalate when communicating. But last weekend, Kanye ratcheted tensions with Pete Davidson so much that Kim begged him to back off. Kanye shared a screenshot of her text (quote) “U are creating a dangerous and scary environment. Someone will hurt Pete and this will all be your fault.”

Kanye told his social media followers not to hurt “Skete.” That’s his nickname for Pete Davidson, who barely knows what’s being said. He’s off social media for his mental health. Kanye would be well-served to do the same. (E! News)

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