Kanye West Poll Numbers Are Depressing

Written by on July 15, 2020

Kanye West’s presidential run poll numbers are in and they’re not looking too good, forcing him to dropped out the race. Say what you will about Kanye West, but he’s riding the presidential bid wave for all it seems to be worth. Unfortunately, that’s not a lot according to a recently conducted poll, which indicates the fashion mogul and father of four has serious campaign ground to cover if he’s to be POTUS too. Despite the incomplete process and paperwork on his end, Ye remains committed—yet a poll of 2,000 registered voters indicates that West has gained only 2% since declaring his presidential bid. Joe Biden was in the lead in the national presidential poll with 48%, while Donald Trump trailed in second place with 40% of the votes. Pollsters followed up with “If Kanye West is on the ballot in your state in the Presidential Election on 3 November 2020, for whom will you vote?” In that portion of the poll, Biden was ahead of President Trump 48%-39%, while West and Jorgensen each gained 2% percent of the responses. Even though critics identify that Kanye’s presence in the race could hurt Biden’s chances, it seems true of the incumbent Republican too.

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