JUSTIN BIEBER: Dope Smoker at Age 13

Written by on February 4, 2020

Justin Bieber has come clean in his YouTube series about his life as a druggie.

Bieber admits to hiding his addictions. (quote) “I was dying. People don’t know how serious it got It was legit, crazy scary.”

Barely a teenager, Justin said he “escaped” the claustrophobia of fame by smoking marijuana, which made him feel paranoid. He confessed to progressing to stronger stuff after becoming dependent on dope. He popped pain pills, drank sizzurp, tripped on ecstasy and expanded his mind with magic mushrooms.

All that drug abuse occurred up to the age of 20, when Justin first met with doctors to detox. He’s matured, focused on his faith and claims to be sober. (Entertainment Tonight)

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