*JEOPARDY!*: Ken Jennings Groomed to Become Host

Written by on September 4, 2020

Alex Trebek ought to watch his back. Jeopardy! hired the all-time champion Ken Jennings to as a serve as the show’s ‘general ambassador.”

Many believe the game show will groom Ken Jennings to host. Alex Trebek has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He’s hosted Jeopardy! for nearly 40 years but that streak will eventually end. He said retirement will come when his faculties fail him.

Trebek released a statement (quote) “I feel good, and on a personal level, I’m excited because it gets me out of the house. It gives me something to do on a regular basis. I was missing that.”

Jeopardy! returns in one week, on September 14. (Entertainment Weekly)

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