JANELLE MONAE: Calls Out Misogyny in Music

Written by on July 6, 2020

Janelle Monae wants to see a major shift in the culture of the music business.

The Grammy-nominated singer tweeted, “I really only ever wanna hear women rapping. The amount of misogyny from most of men in rap and music is infuriating. We need to abolish that [crap] too… Y’all can’t wait to call women every bitch, hoe, discuss violent acts against women, etc for clout in rap, rock, and throughout music history… Misogyny has NEVER been okay yet it has become normalized. Women didn’t create misogny, y’all did. SO YOU DO THE WORK to ABOLISH IT… The only gaslighting I accept is the gas we lighting to burn down the misogyny.”

Monae says the “crazy thing is me and my girls still be dancing to this [stuff]… How did we get here?!” 

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