HEALTH: Where Is the Virus Lurking?

Written by on April 21, 2020

It seems like there are a kajillion warnings about where COVID-19 germs could be hiding. It’s hard to know where the real problems are.

Fortunately, the New York Times has straightened out a few big sources of confusion.

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Should I change my clothes or shower after grocery shopping? No, particles in the air are unlikely to deposit on your clothes. But you should absolutely wash your hands.

Could the virus be in my hair or beard? The string of events for that to cause infection makes it really unlikely. You’d have to have been in close contact with someone, they would have had to have gotten it onto your hair in a large quantity, and then you’d have to touch exactly that spot and then your mouth or nose shortly afterward.

Can I get the virus doing laundry? If nobody in your house is sick, it’s very unlikely enough particles could survive on fabric to get you sick. But take extra precaution if you do have a sick person at home.

What about the mail, packages and the newspaper? It’s smart to dispose of packaging and envelopes right away, and to wash your hands, but there are no documented cases of someone getting COVID-19 from the mail.

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