CARDI B: Pigs Out on International Snacks

Written by on May 29, 2019

The B in Cardi B might stand for bellyache after all the international snacks Bardi has been pigging out on.

She recently showed off a haul from an Asian market that’s a lot more exotic than the munchies you might find at the average Bronx bodega. Cardi’s cart included chips and ramen in flavors that are rare stateside but huge overseas — like lobster and kimchi. Other Japanese and Korean snacks she splurged on include a bag of tiny dried crabs and a fish-shaped cake filled with bean paste that she says she can’t eat too much of or she’ll be spending all day on the toilet. 

The funniest part of Cardi’s recent social media food reviews might be her reaction to her mom trying to push some fresh-pressed juice on her. Cardi was so grossed out by the drink she said. “I want to fight my mom.” 

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