CARDI B: Loves Kids, Not Cops

Written by on August 22, 2019

Cardi has beef with the NYPD over how they handled her bestie’s back-to-school event. 

Star Brim was planning to do it big for the kids later this month by providing free back-to-school gear. According to Cardi, the NYPD nixed Star’s charity event by calling the school principal and talking them out of hosting it. 

That’s when Cardi swooped in to defend her friend. She says it’s pretty messed up, considering that Star went into her own pocket to pay it forward. Bardi had some choice words for New York’s Finest, telling the men and women in blue to “suck a fart and suffocate on it.” 

TMZ reports that the NYPD consider what happened to be a “miscommunication.” 


The New York City Department of Education says that Cardi B’s friend’s school charity event was never cancelled.

Cardi ranted on Instagram after she heard Star Brim’s back-to-school giveaway slated for later this month was shot down by the police. But a spokesperson for the DOE says the event was never cancelled, just postponed for security reasons. Apparently, the principal heard Cardi planned to attend and pushed things back to beef up security.

Additionally, law enforcement sources say it was 100-per cent the school’s call, not the NYPD’s. 

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