Benny The Butcher Details Shooting That Left Him Injured: “Them N*ggas Was Dumb”

Written by on March 23, 2021

He’s currently celebrating the release of his joint album with Harry Fraud, The Plugs I Met 2, but last November, fans of Benny The Butcher were concerned about the rapper. News broke that Benny was in Houston at a Walmart when he was getting out of his Rolls Royce before being approached by a group of men. The thieves demanded that Benny and his associates turn over their cash and jewelry, but instead, ABC 13 reported that Benny decided to flee the scene. As he ran off, the men opened fire and shot him in the leg. No one else was reportedly injured and the Buffalo rapper made a full recovery.

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Benny recently revisited the incident while on Big Facts Podcast.” I know people wanna hear me talk about that Houston sh*t,” said Benny. “I want people to know that whatever happened, happened. I’m a street n*gga. I’m not nowhere cryin’ off of that and I’m more famous than I thought I was.” He added, “I had just split up with some n*ggas that I was with. We were going to a party. I had just grabbed crazy sh*t from the mall and I needed some under clothes. I needed some wife beaters and sh*t.”

“Them n*ggas was dumb for that. Them n*ggas was dumb,” he continued. “I feel like n*ggas really didn’t want no jewelry. They try to take my dignity and my integrity but I’m solid as they come… I done took sh*t from n*ggas. That’s part of the game. That’s how it go.” Benny said he doesn’t hide from anyone and will “go anywhere,” but he’s grateful that he was able to see another day.

“That’s the most important thing,” he said. “You see these n*ggas lose they life. F*ck all that other sh*t. N*ggas lose they life. In that situation right there, I want n*ggas to know I done been through fifty worse incidents than that that couldn’t have even prevented me from being here than that sh*t. At least fifty worse incidents… N*ggas can’t trick me out the streets. I came too far.” 

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