“All these radio stations, all these people are all fake,”…. Blueface Responds to Fans Over Wack 100’s Nipsey Hussle Comments

Written by on November 13, 2019

Blueface is catching heat over comments made by his manager, Wack 100, about Nipsey Hussle. This prompted Blueface to remind his critics that he’s never said a word about the late rapper.

Blueface followed up these comments by channeling his inner Rico from Paid in Full

Last week, Wack 100 and Blueface made a joint appearance on the No Jumper podcast. This turned into headlines following the matter of fact manner in which Wack spoke about Nipsey Hussle’s death and the response to his murder.

Wack then went on to tell No Jumper Nipsey isn’t a “legend” and all the support surrounding Hussle since his death is fueled by false intentions.

“All these radio stations, all these people is all fake,” Wake continued. “I can speak on it because I was part of the Nipsey Hussle movement getting him his first multi-million dollar deal… You got a man who died with a million followers and no radio hit and no fucking platinum plaques. But because everyone start talking like it’s a goddamn Popeyes chicken sandwich… So where was all these fans?… He didn’t die an A-list artist. Y’all talking about he’s a legend. If he’s a legend why didn’t y’all treat him like that when he was here?… I feel like Nipsey should have been a bigger artist personally. But where the hell was all you diehard fans when Nipsey needed you to support his product?”

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