A$AP ROCKY: Scrapping in Sweden

Written by on July 2, 2019

A$AP Rocky is brawling his way across the world.

The Harlem rapper allegedly got into a scrap with two guys in Stockholm, Sweden Saturday night. Rocky was dining at the Max restaurant when the men accused the rapper of breaking a pair of headphones. The verbal altercation continued, although someone had to step in to translate. Through the translator, Rocky told the guys to step off. 

Shortly after, a woman interrupted the conversation and accused the Swedes of sexual harassment. 

That’s all Rocky needed to take matters into his own hands and serve up some street justice. Along with the help of three entourage members, he tossed one guy into the air and onto the street. Rocky and his crew didn’t stick around long enough to fill out a police report. Or to be arrested. (TMZ)

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