‘Truth Hurts’ Lawsuit

Written by on March 2, 2020

Lizzo was previously accused of plagiarizing her hit track “Truth Hurts,” Lizzo is now being sued by three songwriters who helped her pen the chart-blazer. Last October, Lizzo sued the three writers, brothers Justin and Jeremiah Raisen, and Justin “Yves” Rothman, claiming they did not deserve credit for the song. Now, they’re firing back with a countersuit, claiming Lizzo’s song is rather similar to “Healthy,” a song they composed with the star months before. The writers’ attorney, Lawrence Iser, says, “Lizzo is a talented musician and performer who currently enjoys immense popularity based on a hit song that she did not write alone. The Counterclaims we filed today seek a judgment from the court that the song that is now called ‘Truth Hurts’ originated in Justin Raisen’s home recording studio from a collaboration among our clients, Justin and Jeremiah Raisen and Yves Rothman, along with Lizzo and Jesse Saint John.”He adds, “When the case proceeds to trial, we look forward to sharing the sound recordings, videos, photographs and musicology that 100% prove that collaboration. Our clients deserve their fair share of the recognition and revenue that comes from collaborating on a hit song.”Furthermore, the suit also adds that a musicologist found “strikingly similar lyric and musical elements” between the two songs.

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