DR. DRE: Wins Legal Fight in Divorce Battle

Written by on October 2, 2020

Score one for the Doctor. Dr. Dre won the latest legal battle in his bitter divorce from Nicole Young. She was seeking $1.5 million to pay for a number of expenses, including security, but the judge in the case said no.

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The judge on Thursday also rejected her claim to have Dre pony up $5 million to cover her attorneys fees and other expenses.

Attorneys for Nicole argued that she needs the $1.5 million for security because she’s been receiving death threats, with anonymous people throwing out scary phrases, such as (quote) “if she dies, she dies” and (quote) “for a small fee she can disappear.”

The judge, however, wasn’t buying it, partly because Nicole reportedly got rid of the security team that Dre was already paying for. She said she dumped them because Dre was too controlling and she wanted to call the shots. (TMZ)

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