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Written by on April 14, 2020

  • robertklemko @RobertKlemko Last month was the first March without a school shooting in the United States since 2002.
  • h @halsey clean kitchen and do laundry or stay bed and watch anime all day hey Siri is time a social construct ?
  • Rob Lowe @RobLowe Can’t wait to tell more stories of our heroic first responders. Now more than ever.  See you this fall! #REALHeroes #911Lonestar
  • MAREN MORRIS @MarenMorris God, I miss doing things. Also, my boobs hurt.
  • chrissy teigen @chrissyteigen One thing I hope doesn’t happen is all our reality shows airing themselves in quarantine when this is all over and better. Like next season of housewives being them in quarantine. I don’t wanna live all this over again
  • Simone Biles @Simone_Biles I don’t need a puppy. I don’t need a puppy. I don’t need a puppy. I don’t need a puppy. well… meet the new biles puppies

John Boyega @JohnBoyega Wildlife currently.

Miranda Lambert @mirandalambert Here’s a little Monday memory for y’all. #TigerKing #WayTooPrettyForPrison

Dwayne Johnson @TheRock Great fan questions! Keep ‘em coming. Yup, this is the one big movie role I wanted but was passed over (for Tom Cruise). Business is business. But possibly the best thing that never happened. Universe is funny that way.  Enter, Hobbs.

Keith Urban @KeithUrban Riffing on ‘Circles’ @PostMalone

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