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Written by on March 16, 2022

  • Rosario Dawson @rosariodawson Finally! The unnecessary anxiety and stress this puts on people literally kills every year…! Let this be the last year we have to “lose/gain” an hour arbitrarily.
  • Diplo @diplo I wonder if they’re still together
  • Miley Ray Cyrus @MileyCyrus FLY ON THE WALL
  • TINA SNOW @theestallion Denver today
  • DUA LIPA @DUALIPA *burn the sage* @theestallion
  • Charli @charli_xcx i actually texted someone about the idea of Julia fox starring as the lead in my next music video. i am obsessed w her. she is legend.
  • Seth Rogen @Sethrogen Did my mother just email the head of a major movie studio to get them to hurry up and green light our movie? Yes. Yes she did.
  • Dwayne Johnson @TheRock Yup ‘84. Pimples + afro + I had lil’ boobs and needed a bra. Enjoy the show! #YoungRock
  • Channing Tatum @channingtatum Dash’s hair is one of the best co-stars I’ve ever worked with. Coming in a close second to Ms. Sandra Bullock. #TheLostCity
  • Rebel Wilson @RebelWilson “I like to be in America!” And also I like to be at the BAF-AF-TAs! @BAFTA 2022
  • abigail breslin @yoabbaabba Trigger warning: One time, in the same day, I had a comment saying I wasn’t skinny enough to be in the dirty dancing remake and then told I was too skinny in another photo I posted. So if you think there’s something wrong with u, there’s not. There’s something wrong with them.

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