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Written by on February 14, 2022

  • Rebel WilsonHappy Valentine’s Day
  • Ryan Seacrest: #AmericanIdol returns in just 2 WEEKS. Tune in Sunday February 27th.
  • Cardi B: Can y’all DM the pap pics of me last night with the photographers IG
  • Ed Sheeran: Thanks for all the love on “The Joker And The Queen” featuring @taylorswift13. Keep streaming, watching, sharing x
  • Joe Jonas: Performed #DancingFeet live for the first time last night with @DNCE and @KygoMusic!!
  • Chris Evans: I used to have a game on an old iPad called Witches Brew. It was a very addictive multi-player matching game. Now I can’t find it anywhere. Anyone know where I should be looking?
  • Whitney Cummings: An app that tells you what pill you took 20 minutes ago
  • Hoda Kotb: Larry David for the win!
  • Bethenny Frankel: It’s contradictory to post kids on Insta & say they can’t be on Tok @kanyewest Being on reality tv & taking issue with PR w/o you is also. I respect ur voice & passion but ur playing to the court of public opinion vs the court of custody, which is a serious matter.
  • Mindy Kaling: Why is Kanye being so interesting I’m tryin’ to watch the big game.
  • Mohanad Elshieky: Eminem no longer the rapper with the worst response to a Kim leaving him.

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