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Written by on February 11, 2022

  • jlo @JLo I’m so excited! It’s finally here!!!! @MarryMeMovie is now in theaters!!! Let’s go to the movies this weekend @maluma
  • Ryan Seacrest @RyanSeacrest Valentine’s Day is approaching & it shouldn’t just be about Cupid and chocolate hearts but instead be a global holiday that celebrates and recognizes what we’re all here for – love. Repost and let’s make this happen!
  • ICY SEASON @Saweetie how many valentines can you have?
  • Blackbear @iamblackbear break my heart and u will find yourself inside
  • zooey deschanel @ZooeyDeschanel Now engaging Valentine’s Day Mode
  • Mom’s Spaghetti @momsspaghetti LA Spaghetti Day 1:  65 gallons of sauce. 900 pounds of pasta. 50 pounds of powdered parm. 60 loaves of bread … and 2,000 meatballs. Come back for more today!
  • Wiz Khalifa @wizkhalifa Dropping more of my closet on @Depop
  • DUA LIPA @DUALIPA Miami, 9th Feb 2022
  • Lena Dunham @lenadunham My mother-in-law trying to take a photo off of FaceTime is a beautiful saga that should be optioned for a six part miniseries.
  • Mr. Bob Odenkirk @mrbobodenkirk Yesterday an amazing crew of people finished shooting “Better Call Saul” in Albuquerque, NM.   It began in 2014, with great writing always leading the charge, and despite challenges of all kinds, our energy and care never flagged.  I am honored to have been part of it.
  • Reese Witherspoon @ReeseW Watching @nathanwchen Skating to Rocket Man was the ultimate Olympic moment! Congrats on your GOLD, Nathan! #Olympics2022

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