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Written by on March 1, 2021

  • Seth Rogen @Sethrogen Sometimes it’s the night before you launch something that you’ve been working on for ten years and for me that night is now.
  • NICK JONɅS @nickjonas Wow! What an absolutely incredible week. Thank you so much to the entire @nbcsnl cast and crew for having me. I had the absolute best time this past week with everyone. Hope you guys enjoyed the show! One more time for good measure… Live from New York it’s Saturday Night!!!
  • Dionne Warwick @dionnewarwick No, I will not be egging @WendyWilliams house. It is cold outside.
  • Tracy Morgan @TracyMorgan Sorry SOUL. I was thinking about the pizza I was going to get from my guy SAL on the way home!!
  • JARED LETO @JaredLeto Just because we’re doing the #GoldenGlobes from home this year doesn’t mean I couldn’t get all dressed up for the camera.
  • Sarah Hyland @Sarah_Hyland Lady in Red… literally everywhere… for the #goldenglobes
  • Brie Larson @brielarson @LaurieHernandez Consider this my formal stamp of approval!! Watching and wishing you strength in your return!
  • KATY PERRY @katyperry With the Full SNOW MOON this weekend, you betta believe my crystals are charged and my powers are activated #WeWillFindAmazingTalent tonight ok #AmericanIdol
  • John Legend @johnlegend Bottom line is the chicken meat is much more enjoyable than the fish. Popeyes has decades of chicken expertise.
  • Rihanna @rihanna savage af. don’t trip. New @SavageXFenty drops 3/1 – only on #SavageSpring
  • Tiger Woods @TigerWoods It is hard to explain how touching today was when I turned on the tv and saw all the red shirts. To every golfer and every fan, you are truly helping me get through this tough time.
  • Be A King @BerniceKing I’ll still be sharing about Black History on March 1. And on April 1. And on May 1…

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