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Written by on February 19, 2021

  • Taylor Swift @taylorswift13 Cancel the DNA test I’m the 4th Haim sister and this song is the only proof I need #GasolineRemix
  • Britney Spears @britneyspears Man it’s so much fun out here!! Especially when you don’t have to do ANYTHING AT ALL
  • iamcardib @iamcardib I miss the ghetto.
  • Elton John @eltonofficial So proud of you @ddlovato for opening up to the world about your addictions and the importance of our physical, emotional, and mental health Exx #DemiDWTD
  • Kesha @KeshaRose Do you ever lie in bed with your three cats. And get obsessed with some boy you met. One time three years ago in Nashville. And you can’t remember his last name?
  • Steve Aoki @steveaoki Inspired rn. Gonna start sharing lil brain flips at random. Quality of ur life first starts in quality of ur mindset.
  • 24kGoldn @24kGoldn what are you doing today for your future self?
  • Mario Lopez @mariolopezviva When rockin’ those beanies was fashion! #TBT #GiaFrancescaLopez
  • Robert Downey Jr @RobertDowneyJr Here’s a marvelous #throwback to a starkly different time…I call it, “The Thinker
  • Rebel Wilson @RebelWilson Don’t be CRUEL x
  • Lucy Hale @lucyhale i’m not a regular mom, i’m a cool mom
  • Jimmy Kimmel @jimmykimmel congratulations to the brilliant team at @NASA @NASAPersevere for your inspiring and incredible work
  • Rich Brian @richbrian i feel like hell is a continuous loop of every single time in ur life u told a joke & nobody laughed

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