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Written by on October 6, 2020

  • DJ SNAKE @djsnake “Disappointed, but not surprised” has been my biggest mood this year.
  • Blackbear @iamblackbear mood spelled backwards
  • Meghan McCain @MeghanMcCain I know there is a LOT going on in the world that is much more important but I’m in the throes of newborn land…. I just wanted to know if your nipples can actually fall off from breast feeding?
  • Mariah Carey @MariahCarey Breaking news: they still make CDs!! Actual CDs!! And here’s the one (well, two) for The Rarities Optical disc. Available on streaming too
  • Chance The Rapper @chancetherapper AY I GOT ANOTHER VIRTUAL CONCERT THURSDAY
  • Miley Ray Cyrus @MileyCyrus Backyard Sessions on @mtv October 16th
  • MAREN MORRIS @MarenMorris “oh, look! another glorious morning. makes me sick!”
  • HOT GIRL MEG @theestallion Get rid of whatever isn’t helping you grow and get better.
  • Michael Ian Black @michaelianblack All joking aside, bay leaves don’t do anything, right?
  • AJ McLean @aj_mclean I can’t think of a better way to thank you guys for voting than by posting this picture hahaha!! But seriously, that felt incredible and I’m feeling so much gratitude right now for you all, my partner, my family and my brothers. #TeamPrettyMessedUp #DWTS #BSBArmy #KTBSPA
  • Tyra Banks @tyrabanks OMG! When I changed outfits, I wasn’t zipped up and had to hold my outfit up while introducing the next act. Live TV, y’all! @DancingABC
  • Julie Bowen @itsJulieBowen Just posted a photo
  • Lauren Graham @thelaurengraham Your kindness and devotion to this show have brought me so much joy over the years. I’m so grateful, to say the least, and I love you all. xL
  • Kat Dennings @OfficialKat In fairness, I also gasp for air after climbing the stairs but that’s because of my snack problems.
  • iamcardib @iamcardib Me when I was a teenager trying not to cough while cyphing blunts

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