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Written by on September 9, 2020

  • Blair Dawson: I hope Monica Lewinsky has a great day, today.
  • h @halsey I made a twitter account so I can tweet about basketball. pls do not interact unless ball is life. @halseyandone #LakeShow
  • Gigi Hadid @GiGiHadid my cupcakes arrive tomorrow thank u for ur support
  • Karlie Kloss @karliekloss Ways to my heart: 1. Make me food 2. Bring me food 3. Be food.
  • Seth Rogen @Sethrogen Pineapple Express is back on Netflix. Watch the film the way we intended: on your couch while smoking weed.
  • Sarah Cooper @sarahcpr Are you feeling down? Isolated? Uncertain about the future? Worried about what comes next? Then you may be suffering from… consciousness
  • ye @kanyewest Too much texting bro  Had to get the  cortisone mixed with a wittle sprinkle of lidocaine. Lidocaine worked instantly!!! The dexamethasone takes 24 to 48 hours   Modern medicine
  • billie eilish @billieeilish The Billie Eilish Ukulele is available now. @Fender
  • SAINt @SAINtJHN If you’re not at least a little bit scared then you’re not breaking new ground
  • Jane Levy @jcolburnlevy I wore makeup today for like the 3rd time since March 12th and wow it’s become clear: makeup is hideously ugly Man tipping hand
  • Mark Ronson @MarkRonson Take me to Jazz Club Time Machine please
  • Brandie Posey @Brandazzle Turns out people who took videos at concerts on their phones were RIGHT this whole time.
  • Mariah Carey @MariahCarey And you thought I was a diva?
  • Heather Graham @imheathergraham Check out my roller skating TikTok @imheathergraham
  • Mikeposner @MikePosner Winter’s coming. Keep going.
  • TRAVIS SCOTT @trvisXX Ur my hero!!!! Anyway If I can make ur day better makes me happy !!! Imma try to get something up there to u kiddo.

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