Written by on July 22, 2019

  • H @halsey Turns out I’m lack toast intolerant
  • kerry Washington @kerrywashington I loooooooooved #LionKing2019
  • Sam Smith @samsmith I had the best dream last night. I was at a Mariah Carey album launch with all my friends and she dedicated ‘A no no’ to me! Ugh! Dreams! Woke up in such a good mood @MariahCarey
  • Mariah Carey @MariahCarey So… am I the answer to “How do you sleep?” I LOVE the song and I couldn’t be happier than to be starring in your dreams, dahhling! @samsmith
  • Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal These two photographs were taken recently in the gardens at Kensington Palace by The Duchess of Cambridge.
  • Christine Teigen @chrissyteigen cannot explain how much I love baby feet (AKA “piggies” in this household) GIMME THOSE PIGS
  • SZA @sza Some days my day be beautiful and I still feel nothing.
  • Nick Jonas @nickjonas After a good break jumping back into work today. Shooting some special stuff just for the #HappinessBeginsTour and we start rehearsals this week! Can’t wait for the first show in Miami on August 7th.
  • L I Z Z O @lizzo everybody gon have sumn to say but i been bustin my ass for 10 years makin music.. touring-blood sweat tears.. when i dropped truth hurts i was so depressed i almost quit music cuz no one cared- idgaf this my testimony my hard work payin off a reminder to never give up! thank u!

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