Written by on May 28, 2019

  • Rihanna @rihanna mumz.
  • Nope @LilNasX in my first ever taxi. wow u guys
  • Jennifer Lopez @JLo Getting soooo excited about tour!! Here’s a lil peak into the process of the fashion and how me and my team put it together!! 
  • YUNGBLUD @yungblud parents ain’t always right …
  • christine teigen @chrissyteigen I NEED TO SEE BOOKSMART. I haven’t been this excited for a movie in a while!! Can someone carry me to the theater?? I will buy your snacks and ticket!!
  • Bella Hadid @bellahadid There is the most incredible beatboxer and violinist performing outside of my hotel window in London. This is crazy. They are sooooo good. I turned my TV off. Just listening. Crazy wow
  • KATY PERRY @katyperry My dad served in the army and returned from his service but I am aware not many are as lucky. Taking today to bring awareness to one of my favorite orgs that helps those veterans that are still with us, #thankyouforyourservice

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