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Kendall @KendallJenner thanks for the scary food

Reese Witherspoon @ReeseW Say “Wreath Witherspoon” five times fast #wreathwitherspoon

Taylor Swift @taylorswift13 Throwback to my first day on the set of @catsmovie. Basically, Bombalurina is one of those really mischievous cats you see in internet videos who has figured out how to open human doors

  • Niall Horan @NiallOfficial Super excited about these next couple of weeks. SNL, Jimmy Fallon, Jingle balls. It’s going to be a good time
  • Emma Roberts @RobertsEmma Holiday Dressing
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Holiday Dressing ??

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iamcardib @iamcardib PhOtoShOP HeR bOdY

Hayden Panettiere @haydenpanettier Channeling my inner #Kirby #Scream4 Thanks to my boys @anthonyleonard

Bebe Rexha @BebeRexha Good morning.  If you know you know. #Kiss

Ariel Winter @arielwinter1 I have an office…no biggie…..I’m cool…. #modernfamily

abigail Breslin @yoabbaabba When your cousin finds her wedding dress and you’re super excited but there’s also champagne and you have your priorities right.

Kevin Hart @KevinHart4real Love my team!!!!! #PCBforLife

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Love my team!!!!! #PCBforLife

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  • Swae Lee Lee Swae @SwaeLee Sad part about the music industry death is the best marketing
  • Charlie Puth @charlieputh Also being on Sesame Street was a dream of mine. filmed this a year ago

nope @LilNasX finally got the plaque. what do you guys think?

christine teigen @chrissyteigen I started yoga this week and my first class, after giving myself some belly complaints, the instructor said “well didn’t you just have a baby!?” and I said “no, like 18 months ago” and she said “that’s JUST” and let me tell you, true or not I could have cried.

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