KENDALL JENNER: Next Boyfriend a Kennedy?

Written by on July 24, 2019

The stars have aligned for Kendall Jenner to date a Kennedy.

Before Kendall split from NBA player Ben Simmons,big sister Kim Kardashian said she relished the “prospect of colluding over some dynastic match-making.” Kim wanted to set up a blind date for Kendall and Jack Kennedy Schlossberg — the 26-year-old grandson of President John F Kennedy. (Vogue)

Schlossberg is suddenly single, too. His girlfriend dumped him. She accused Jack of cheating behind her back. Skirt-chasing seems to run in the family. (Radar Online)

Schlossberg graduated from Yale and attends Harvard in pursuit of a dual-degree in Business and Law. So if the sisters were to double date, Kim and Jack would have something to talk about. If she can set up Jack and Kendall.

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