JUSTIN BIEBER: Cruise Challenge Just a Joke

Written by on June 13, 2019

We all knew this couldn’t be real. Justin Bieber says that challenge he threw down for Tom Cruise was just a joke.

On Sunday, Justin sent out that bizarre tweet asking UFC head Dana White to set up a rumble in the octagon. He even suggested to Tom, “If you don’t take this fight, you’re scared.”

But the paparazzi caught up with Biebs today in L.A., and he admitted that the 58-year-old Mission: Impossible star would kick his butt. He added that if Tom had accepted the challenge, he’d “have to get in some good shape.”

So why did he send out that tweet in the first place? He’d just finished watching an interview with Cruise, and had the Hollywood vet on his mind. (TMZ)

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