Written by on July 8, 2021

Britney Spears‘s first husband, Jason Alexander who stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, believes her boyfriend of four years is not as interested as Britney in starting a family. Her first husband claimed (quote) “Everyone knows that Sam Asghari is bisexual. It’s no secret. He doesn’t want kids. He only cares about gay [junk].”

Melinda Gates agreed to relinquish a leadership role at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation if her relationship with her ex-husband completely disintegrates. Either one can decide if “things become less amicable.” (People)

An elite Fourth of July party on The Hamptons ended around 2 in the morning with a rumble between Travis Scott and Meek Mill. Before it escalated too far, the rappers were “pulled apart and led away.” (New York Post)

A woman accused Diplo of making a home video while sexually assaulting her. His attorney called the lawsuit a “shakedown.” The woman returned with Diplo to his Las Vegas hotel suite. She claimed that Diplo supplied her with alcohol and marijuana. She was too intoxicated to consent to sex. (TMZ)

An insider put a damper on romance rumors about Angelina Jolie and The Weeknd. One week ago, the pair had a dinner date in Santa Monica, which raised eyebrows. The source told Us Weekly something Angie’s judge in the divorce case would want to hear (quote) “Angelina and The Weeknd had a business meeting. It had to do with their HBO shows. There is nothing romantic happening.”

Kim Kardashian awarded $11 million in legal battle against cosmetic company. Kim plus sisters Khloe and Kourtney struck a five-year license agreement. They would receive royalties from the sales of Kardashian Beauty products in exchange for the company using their likenesses. They went to court went royalty payments never materialize. The company counter-sued because the sisters failed to plug the cosmetics line. (The Hollywood Reporter)

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