Written by on January 28, 2021

Netflix announced that Bridgerton has become their all-time most popular original program. If you’ve seen the 19th Century melodrama, you know why. More than 82 million households watched Bridgerton since its release on Christmas Day. (The Hollywood Report)

Rumor from the set of Stranger Things season four – “It’s a mess.” Two of the Netflix stars are problematic — often arriving late — if at all. Another cast member is acting so strange that some wonder if their breakfast is edible marijuana.

Selena Gomez announced in Spanish that March 12 she will release her 7-track Spanish-language EP. “REVELACIÓN, mi primer EP en español, estará disponible el 12 de marzo. Pre-ordénalo mañana a las 9 pm PT.” Pre-orders start tonight.

The New York Post followed up on the false report that the My Pillow CEO and Jane Krakowski secretly dated for nine months. She never knew the guy. Jane Krakowski is dating “famed architect David Rockwell” for a couple of years. (New York Post)

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