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This week’s unmasked dancer on FOX-TV was 2002 kidnap victim Elizabeth Smart. She was held hostage for nine months and sexually abused daily by an evil, Salt Lake City couple. (Entertainment Weekly)

The Masked Dancer – The Moth was revealed to be Elizabeth Smart. OC:… my god. :16

Rumors swirl that Hulu might reboot the ABC melodrama Desperate Housewives now that Felicity Huffman completed her felony sentence. However, co-star Marcia Cross replied on social media, “News to me,” that Eva Longoria and Teri Hatcher were all part of the Hulu revival. (Just Jared)

Rebel Wilson dates a billionaire, Jacob Busch. How she snagged him sounds exhausting. Rebel took advantage of a relaxed schedule in 2019 to say “yes” to every invitation for dinner. She called it a social experiment (quote) “I dated anyone who asked me out. It was part of my rules for that year. I gave lots of people a chance, then learned lots about myself.” (The Sun, UK)

Macaulay Culkin supports a petition to digitally edit Home Alone 2 to erase the cameo by President Donald Trump. The actor’s one-word reply on Twitter – “Sold” – followed a fan’s request that Macaulay join the movement to purge the President from the 28-year-old holiday movie. (People)

Four months after his lymphoma diagnosis, Jeff Bridges offered a health update. He said a new chemotherapy protocol is “working beautifully.” Based on CAT scan results, the “tumor has drastically shrunk.” (Entertainment Tonight)

Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy settled their divorce more than six months after she demanded an “emergency settlement.” His attorney told the Manhattan Supreme Court via video conference on Wednesday (quote) “As of this morning, we reached a final agreement.: (New York Post)

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