Written by on October 22, 2020

Reese Witherspoon led a Legally Blonde cast reunion at Zoom. During the video conference, she confirmed that Legally Blonde 3 will arrive May 2022…. which feels like an eternity from now.

The lead actor in the horror movie Get Out wants to make a dark comedy about Barney the purple dinosaur. Daniel Kaluuya [pr: kaw-LOO-yuh] wants to reimagine Barney as a misunderstood hero who disappears because “I Love You, You Love Me” theme song turns out to be false. (Entertainment Weekly)

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams recognized their third anniversary as an official couple in the voting booth. Hyland told People magazine (quote) “We filled out our ballots and walked over to the official dropoff box. Ten Wells cooked us dinner and we exchanged gifts.”

Jennifer Lawrence kicked her husband out of the bed to slumber with her best friend. On Monday, J-Law celebrated with Cooke Maroney their first wedding anniversary. The Oscar-winning actress confessed to Heather McMahan the host of Absolutely Not podcast (quote) “I’m married and I have slumber parties. Last night, best friend in the entire world came over. She ended up spending the night. We slept in my bed and my husband slept in our guest.” (Entertainment Tonight)

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