Written by on February 7, 2020

Post Malone is running out of real estate on his face for tattoos. His latest ink, which he got in Kansas City, sits on his left cheek. It’s a buzz saw blade dripping with blood. (New York Post)

Billie Eilish is bigger than Justin Bieber. The proof is the price they can demand for their documentaries. YouTube paid Justin around $20 million for his 10-part series called Seasons. Then this week, Apple paid the highest price ever for a music documentary: More than $26 million.

Ed Sheeran is one of London’s wealthiest landlords. Following a $13 million shopping spree, Sheeran now owns 27 buildings. A real estate manager said (quote) “The amount of money he’s invested in property is staggering. He owns enough London addresses to fill a Monopoly board.” (The Sun, UK)

Bruno Mars signed a deal with Disney to create a “music driven” movie that he will star. (Deadline Hollywood)

Last year’s popular murder mystery, Knives Out with Daniel Craig and an ensemble of actors, will have a sequel. The movie studio made the announcement on Thursday. (People)

Producers at the Oscars scrambled at the last minute to include 103-year-old Kirk Douglas for the In Memoriam segment. This was right after they spent hours re-editing the package for a Kobe Bryant tribute.

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