Written by on February 4, 2020

What’s Jennifer Lopez’s beauty secret? One week before the Super Bowl, J-Lo got an “age-defying” facial that cost $500. (Daily Mail)

Kendall Jenner attended the Super Bowl with her NBA boyfriend, Ben Simmons. Then Monday afternoon, they soaked up the Miami sun poolside at their hotel. Last night, Kendall cheered his team but the Philadelphia 76ers lost by 30 points. Seems like the extracurriculars may have distracted Ben Simmons. (TMZ)

Euphoria star Zendaya and her HBO co-star Jacob Elordi spent Monday afternoon together in a cozy sort of way. Social media is convinced they’re dating. He says Zendaya is like a sister to him. But few brothers kiss their “sister” like Jacob does. (People)

Family dinners with Jeff Bezos are about to be super awkward. The brother of his new girlfriend sued Bezos for defamation. Michael Sanchez accused Jeff Bezos of spreading false rumours about his role in the National Enquirer printing sexts by Bezos and his D-pix. (The Daily Beast)

The shrine around Staples Center for Kobe Bryant was dismantled on Monday. It took more than 12 hours to clean the  place. They carefully collected and counted the memorabilia left in tribute. An entire dumpster of flowers. More than 1300 basketballs. Over 25,000 candles, 500 stuffed animals and 350 shoe pairs.

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