Written by on July 21, 2022

Harry Styles smells just as great as he looks. Lizzo approves of Harry’s shower soap. She’s frequently compliments him on how good he smells. She told Elle magazine (quote) “It’s not a cologne or a deodorant thing. He smells like whatever soap he showers in.”

While touring Europe, Harry Styles travels at hotels and restaurants under an alias. This week, he stayed in the penthouse suite using the name of Jean Smart’s character in the HBO award-winning comedy Hacks, “Deborah Vance.”

The court postponed a hearing about Britney Spears. Her mother, Lynne Spears, petitioned the court to compel Britney to pay mom’s legal fees. Britney believes the family has taken enough of her millions and refuses to pay her mom’s $660,000 attorney bill.

Hollywood’s five highest-paid actors per film are (in order) Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Dwayne Johnson. (Variety)

Grammy-winner H.E.R. has been cast as Belle in ABC’s live-action celebration of the 30th anniversary of Beauty and the Beast. (The Hollywood Reporter)

A cameraman passed out while filming 50 Cent’s horror flick. A source provided to TMZ the raw footage from the blood-soaked scene. The gore became too much for the camera guy to stomach. He fainted with the camera still rolling. (New York Post)

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