Written by on March 23, 2022

Season two of Bridgerton arrives to Netflix this Friday. Last season’s heartthrob, Rege-Jean Page, did not return. Meaning this season is not as sexy. The oldest Bridgerton brother enjoys a slow burn romance. The sexual tension builds into the sixth of eight episodes before passions explode. (TV Line)

Five years ago, Netflix introduced the “Skip Into” button. While watching a series such as Bridgerton, viewers may jump past the opening credits and go straight into the plot. Netflix reports the “Skip Intro” button is tapped on a daily basis 136 million times. Altogether, Netflix subscribers save 195-years’ worth of time every day.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are navigating through a Caribbean trip by avoiding protestors. A Bahamas group demanded a “full & formal apology from the British Royal Family on its role in slavery. The time is now for reparations.” The Jamaican government followed the lead by Barbados and started the process of removing Queen Elizabeth as head of state. They’ve paused for the moment but will resume once the Royal visitors leave. (The Independent, UK)

On Tuesday, many Disney employees staged a walkout. They protested their corporation’s silence over a controversial bill passed by the Florida legislation. The so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill restricts LGBTQ subjects being discussed in elementary school. Not only Disney World employees in Orlando but across the country Disney workers from Pixar, Marvel Studios, ABC, ESPN, Hulu and Disney Cruise Line participated in Tuesday’s protest. (The Hollywood Reporter)

A wedding in Pittsburgh earned national headlines thanks to Tom Hanks. He photobombed the bride’s photoshoot, which had her bridesmaids crying tears of joy. Hanks ran into Grace Gwaltney while taking pics ahead of the marriage ceremony. (Daily Mail)

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