Written by on March 1, 2022

Britney Spears risked sun-burning sensitive zones on a tropical vacation. She posed naked on the beach for Instagram. Either this was a nude beach, or Britney made it one. To follow Instagram guidelines, she covered the naughty bits with a diamond emoji. Paris Hilton commented with her lame catchphrase, a combo of slaying at living your best, “sliving.” (Billboard)

The family of Naya Rivera quietly settled their wrongful death lawsuit against Ventura County. Naya drowned at Lake Piru, California in the summer of 2020. She rented a pontoon boat and went swimming without a floatation device. The family claimed her death was “utterly preventable” and placed the blame on the county’s Parks and Recreation Management. (The Blast)

The high school melodrama Euphoria ended its second season with HBO’s best viewership totals since Game of Thrones, which is the most popular HBO program since 2004. Nearly 7 million watched Sunday’s season finale. Season three of Euphoria is scheduled sometime in 2024. Meanwhile, while you wait more than 100 Sundays for Euphoria to return, every episode streams at HBO Max. (Deadline)

Soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo went thirst-trapping on Instagram live. He showered outdoors wearing a flimsy Speedo. TMZ reports nearly 1-million followers watched and drooled at his six-pack abs. Ronaldo appears to have zero body fat.

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