Written by on April 16, 2020

Rihanna recruited Jay-Z to join her and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey in providing millions to supporting global COVID-19 rapid response efforts. Altogether, they’ve pledged $6.2 million, which will be delivered to “marginalized populations” in infection hot-spots New York, New Orleans and Puerto Rico. (Billboard

Saturday Night Live comic Michael Che [pr: CHAY] lost his grandmother to COVID-19. In her honor, he agreed to pay one month’s rent for 160 apartment tenants in her New York City Housing Authority building. (Entertainment Weekly)

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made a profit from the broadcast rights of their Royal wedding two years ago. That money, more than $100,000, will now go to a United Kingdom charity, which feeds families impacted by the pandemic. On Wednesday, the couple delivered meals to Los Angeles families with Project Angel Food. (Entertainment Tonight)

Actor Tom Hardy, who always plays tough guys in the movies (The Dark Knight RisesLocke and Mad Max: Fury Road), will spend evenings on BBC Children’s Channel reading bedtime stories. (The Hollywood Reporter)

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