BBC News Gets Roasted After Confusing Beyonce With Viola Davis

Written by on February 7, 2023

BBC News was forced to apologize to their viewers after confusing Beyonce for Viola Davis as they gave their recap on the 2023 Grammy Awards last night. The broadcaster left its British audience startled after using Davis’ photo from her appearance at the Golden Globes while discussing Bey achieving record-breaking status after becoming the most-awarded artist in Grammys history with 32 wins in total.

What’s even more embarrassing is that the headline read, “Beyonce’s big night,’ alongside a photo of the “How To Get Away With Murder Actress.” You really have to question how anybody could confuse the two talented stars, but accidents do happen, which is why the BBC News Press Team most likely came forward to issue an apology via Twitter. “We apologize for the mistake last night when our news channels briefly showed a photograph of Viola Davis from January’s Golden Globes alongside a headline about Beyoncé at yesterday’s Grammys. This fell below the BBC’s usual standards,” they wrote.

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