Written by on August 28, 2019

Christine Teigen @chrissyteigen: the president once retweeted an old man calling me gutter trash who would never be melania. Still warms my heart. Couldn’t go on twitter for 12 days

Ellen DeGeneres @TheEllenShow: Have you ever thought you were texting your significant other or friend, and accidentally ended up texting your boss?! We want to see your text exchange! #SorryBoss

Viola Davis @violadavis: My final curtain call ? #HTGAWM

ChrisYoungMusic @ChrisYoungMusic: Draft number one!!! #FantasyFootballDraft

Jake Owen @jakeowen: Phil we all know I fly it past you. Let’s be real. ?️ https://twitter.com/PhilMic

Kirstie Alley @kirstiealley: Two swigs of ice cold beer….I’m done…I’m a 52 cent date

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