BRITNEY SPEARS: “She Looked Out of It”

Written by on April 5, 2019

One week before Britney Spears entered a mental health clinic, a fan crossed paths with her and tweeted, (quote) “She looked like she was medicated or something.”

Sean Andrews went into a Twitter tizzy seeing Britney in the flesh. He tweeted several times about the encounter. In hindsight, her mental health break makes sense. (quote) “It’s so sad. She didn’t look okay. She looked out of it.”

He wasn’t alone. The receptionists noticed something very off in her behavior, too.  (Radar Online)

On Twitter, Andrews admitted that he’s more an Ariana Grande guy. Still, he updated his followers with Britney details and joked, (quote) “She came to use the bathroom. UR fav’s pee color was green. She didn’t flush and now we’re all concerned NDJDJDSJ.”

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