Written by on January 27, 2021

In an Instagram post from Tiny’s friend Sabrina Peterson, ATL Hip Hop icon Clifford “T.I.” Harris has been accused of holding a gun to Peteron” head in front of children while T.I. and his wife both deny the accusation.

It was in an upload Monday evening that Peterson penned the accusation following an Instagram Live session in which she crticized T.I. and other public figures in the city of Atlanta.

When one of the people in the comments asked Peterson whether or not T.I. really put a gun to her head, she responded, “The public PRAISES OUR PREDATORS! @troubleman31 you PUT A GUN TO MY HEAD IN FRONT OF CHILDREN & I NEVER CALLED THE POLICE ON YOU! But for years you have painted me as the VILLAIN! AS BLACK WOMEN! It’s hard to heal from RAPE, VIOLENCE OR ANYTHING BECAUSE YOU ARE PAINTED AS THE PROBLEM OR REASON THIS HAS HAPPENED TO YOU! LETS NORMALIZE THE ALLOWING BLACK WOMEN TO HEAL! It’s so hard being the VICTIM OF RAPE & BEING PAINTED AS THE REASON IT HAPPENED!”

Tiny responded in defense of her husband, stating, “… now when did you say my husband assaulted you? Did you change your mind or change it back? What’s up wit you today Pooh? I’m confused. Stop Harassing My Family. You strange. Everybody know you been special (face slicing seminar lady). Please Get help. But LEAVE US ALONE.”

Since then, several other women have come forward with their own personal accounts of violence allegedly experienced at the hands of T.I., making use of Peterson’s heightened platform to share their experiences via Peterson’s Instagram Live session. It’s important to note, however, that these women have chosen to remain anonymous at the time of this writing.

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