Savage 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback Packs 800 HP Twin Turbo V8, Costs $185,000

Written by on January 29, 2021

While there is no shortage of amazing-looking classic Mustangs out there, every now and then, we come across something so spectacular we can’t help but tip our hats.

More than $400,000 went into creating this 1968 Mustang Fastback restomod, now on sale for less than half that. The car is listed through Fusion Luxury Motors, and the asking price is $184,950.

Granted, that is still a lot of money, but then again, this isn’t your typical Spring Break Mustang. It was built using a brand new steel body, featuring a custom front air dam, splitter, canards, fog lights, a new rear diffuser, side scoops, side skirts, fender flares, plus new wheel wells.

One accomplishment we find particularly impressive is managing to set 75% of the engine weight behind the front wheels, which will definitely come in handy once you start driving the car in a more spirited fashion.

Speaking of spirited driving, under that hood is a 351 Dart Block V8 engine with twin Garrett turbochargers, working alongside a T-56 Tranzilla close-ratio six-speed manual gearbox. Also new are the forged crank, Race Tech pistons and the custom Billet intake manifold.

The end result is a spectacular 800 hp, which the car should be able to handle thanks to its custom suspension and brakes. Now, the ad does not specify any performance figures, but we cannot imagine it weighing more than say 3,300 lbs (1,500 kg), give or take. So theoretically, this first-generation Mustang should easily be able to keep up with some of today’s fastest supercars.

Other visual mods include the roll cage, an exterior battery kill switch, front and rear tow points, a 32-gallon (121-liter) 3 door surge fuel tank, a fire suppression system, Sparco 8-point harness, and Corbeau seats.

As for the paint, it’s a deep black with light gold stripes on the hood, roof and trunk.

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