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When done right, there’s something about a nude lip that makes us want to throw away all the bright reds in our makeup bag.  A nude lip is the go to shade for a lot of women of color. It creates a fresh-faced look as you head out into the sun.   No, we are not saying that red, pink or even orange doesn’t count but, there’s something about wearing a nude lipstick that we can’t get enough of. And Remy Ma has mastered this look. When she gives us a glimpse into her world on the Gram, we instantly take notice. Not just of her perfect beat (yes even when sitting in the sun during her birthday weekend-seen in our feature photo) but her signature nude lips always have us at hello.   We are inspired to not only find our perfect shade before we hit those streets this weekend but to also help you perfect the look and get it right with a few simple tips.

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A finished look will wow them every time

There’s an art to wearing nude the days of throwing on a coat of gloss or lip tint are no more.  And, if you choose the wrong shade then your nude will appear pasty and pale giving the appearance of ashy lips or it could simply appear like you swiped a lip balm or Vaseline or a clear gloss across your lips and these are not the looks you want to achieve. Advertisement

There’s levels to This-One Nude Does Not Fit All

Prep your Lips: Sometimes deeper skin tones can have pigmented lips meaning they are many different tones and so if you want to even out the lips you can apply a little bit of concealer or powder before applying the lipstick as this will create a bare canvas to emphasise the colour.

A matte texture can take your look to a whole new level 

Contouring is Key : The Secrets to Remy’s nude.  Use a darker lip pencil in the same shade family that matches the lipstick you are going to use. This will help to add depth and definition to your look.  Remember, we repeat REMEMBER to blend the liner into your  lips you do not want to appear that you simply outlined your lips and left it like that.  

Remy finishes this look with a gloss finish

Texture is Important: Go with a matte or gloss finish, the texture you choose is up to you. . Your activities for the day, the outfit and or the event will determine which works best for you.

Find your Shade: The under-tone of your skin will help you determine whether to look for a cool or warmer shade.  Here’s a brief guide, if you have a caramel undertone, start looking at cooler golden and caramel lip shades or if you have a richer, darker undertone look for chocolate shades. Try not to test the best shade on the back of your hand rather use the tips of your fingers instead as this best matches the color of your lip.

Bonus Tip: if the rest of the face is devoid of make-up a done up nude lip will look out of sorts.  So adding a winged eye or strong brows is necessary to completing the look.

Finding a great nude lip color can be tricky, so we sought only the prettiest pinks, peaches and browns-Take a look at the brands who will help you get your nude right every time.

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Gloss Bomb Cream Color Drip Lip Cream in Universal Rose Nude
Mented Cosmetics Semi-Matte Lipstick in Brand Nude
MAC Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Soar

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