Written by on February 3, 2021

If you watched the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics on Saturday, Anthony Davis gave you the first look at the new Nike Cosmic Unity.

The Nike Cosmic Unity is a new basketball collection that captures the idea of delivering innovative apparel and footwear solutions that help athletes perform their best while supporting the impact of the planet.

Nike has evolved and accelerated our sustainable design efforts, which are exemplified by Nike’s new Cosmic unity product with at least 25% recycled content by weight.

The latest basketball collection is formed with the concept of making the athlete and the planet better. The Nike Cosmic Unity is made with at least 25 percent recycled content by weight and featuring a full-length Zoom Air Strobel unit for responsiveness. The Cosmic Unity collection expands on the design ethos that produced Nike Space Hippie and looks at waste as a resource, opening the aperture of materials that go into performance products, ultimately changing the perception of what’s possible.

The new sneaker is modeled by A’Ja Wilson who provided insight into her thoughts and experience with the sneaker.

“When I heard that Nike was designing a new basketball shoe with sustainability as the end goal, I knew it was going to be something that excites athletes!” Wilson said. “Climate action is important to me and I would tell a younger hooper how Cosmic Unity is better for our planet. As athletes we worry about a lot of things – what we eat, how we train, when we sleep – but this is so much bigger than that, we’re wearing something that’s minimizing the impact in our planet so we can keep playing basketball, that’s different.”

She added, “I need a shoe that is ready for everything, from a jump shot to a hard drive to a spin. When I first got my pair of Cosmic Unity, I realized it could really adapt to all my steps, my movements – it allows me to move at a high speed and perform at the highest level.”

“We asked ourselves a question that is guiding our process into the future: Can a product that makes the world better also make an athlete better?” says Ross Klein, Senior Creative Director for Performance Footwear at Nike. “We wanted to create a synergy between making the world better by what we do, but also leave an impact for athletes so that they can perform at a higher level.”

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