Lil Wayne Says He’s Recorded Over 50 Songs in One Night

Written by on March 11, 2020

Lil Wayne continues to prove that he’s a beast in the studio.

During an interview on MTV’s Fresh Out, the Young Money founder told host Jamila Mustafa that he recently recorded up to 53 songs in one night. Wayne doesn’t reveal what he plans to do with those 53 songs. Nonetheless, the news is music to every Weezy fans’ ears.

“When you leave the session and you ask ‘Can I get what got from what I did tonight?’ and it comes back as files of what you done from that night, my last files was 53,” Wayne said of his mind-blowing productivity. “So I did 53 songs that night.”

Wayne’s routine night in the studio doesn’t surprise fans who know that the Funeral rapper has plenty more albums in his stash. Back in January, Wayne told Zane Lowe that he’s got at least 20 more albums worth of songs stored in his vault.

“I have beautiful fans,” Wayne told Lowe. “But my fans all…they also know that once it’s put out, they already know I’m moving on. They already know I got 20 more albums already in my back pocket.”

In other Weezy news, the New Orleans rapper officially has more top 40 hits than Elvis Presley. Billboard confirmed the accomplishment last month (Feb. 11) after four songs from his Funeral album debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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